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TheseGadgets.com is a website dedicated to helping people troubleshoot and fix different tech problems. We have a team of experts that writes articles on a wide range of topics, including speakers, headphones, TV, and power bank problems.

Our website helps more than 7 million people per year.

Our Mission

We believe that everyone should have access to knowledge to fix their gadget's problems. Our aim is to give valuable information that helps people fix their gadgets without having to visit a local electronic repair shop.

Our articles are beginner-friendly, we try to explain each problem and fixes in the simplest way possible. So, whether you are a tech novice or an expert, our troubleshooting tips will help you.

Editorial Guidelines

Every article is professionally edited by a team for readability, format, fact-checking, and spelling mistakes. Our team includes professionals who have been in the tech space for longer than one decade.

We follow a style that helps people understand the topic and what do to, no matter how technical or hard the troubleshooting steps may be.

We know that technology is evolving every day, so if you need us to update an article or if you notice mistakes or something you don't like, feel free to contact and lets us know at: [email protected]

Our Team

Eral Kadrija


Eral Kadrija is the founder and CEO of TheseGadgets.com and many other websites. After he completed his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, he decided to create These Gadgets, a website dedicated to all things tech, especially fixing tech problems that people face every day.

Josh Vardy

Writer / Audiophile

Josh Vardy is a freelance writer and a tech expert, mostly focused on all things audio. He is known for his ability to troubleshoot and come up with unique fixes for the most challenging problems.

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"You guys saved me from being a new pair of speakers. My speakers weren't working properly, and I followed your steps on how to reset them, and the problem was fixed in no time. Thank you so much!!!"


-  Joshua B.

"Hi, yesterday after struggling for an hour, I finally turned off my headphones. Thanks for the article and the tips you gave!"


- Samantha S.

" I was having trouble with my power bank not charging my phone and I thought I had to buy a new one. I read your article, followed the steps, and fixed it. I just wanted to email and thank you!"


- Ashley G.