How To Pair Sonos to Apple TV? (4 Methods)

How To Pair Sonos to Apple TV

Pairing Sonos with your Apple TV is harder because of the complex connection process. So, how to do it?

You can pair Sonos speakers with Apple TV using a Bluetooth connection, Airplay 2, HDMI, or using an amplifier. The Airplay 2 is the best option if both the Apple Box and TV support it.

If nothing works, then using a Bluetooth connection is the best way. However, you can only pair one speaker with it. Other methods allow you to pair multiple speakers.

How To Pair Sonos Speakers to Apple TV?

The method you use depends on the type of speaker you have. For instance, Sonos Roam supports Bluetooth mode, while Sonos Soundbar doesn’t.

1. Use a Bluetooth Connection

Sonos is a wireless speaker, but some models of it support Bluetooth connections. Once in Bluetooth mode, the Sonos will operate as a regular Bluetooth speaker and its Wi-Fi features will be turned off. This means you can only use one speaker at a time.

To put Sonos Roam into Bluetooth mode, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds (or until two beeps are completed), and release it. The LED light must be flashing blue.

To put Sonos Move into Bluetooth mode, press the “Wireless and Bluetooth” button at the back. The button will switch the speaker from Wi-Fi mode to Bluetooth mode (or vice versa). The indicator light should have a flashing blue light.

Here’s how to pair them:

  1. Put the speaker into pairing mode.
  2. Go to Settings > Remotes and Devices in your Apple TV.
  3. Press Bluetooth.
  4. The TV will start to automatically search for nearby devices.
  5. Once it finds the Sonos speakers, press its name and connect to it.

This works for Sonos:

  1. Move
  2. Roam
  3. Roam SL.

2. Use Airplay 2

To use the Airplay connection, you must fulfill three conditions:

  1. The Apple TV box must support Airplay 2. Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K box do.
  2. Your TV must support Airplay 2. Most of the latest TV support it.
  3. The Sonos Speaker must support Airplay 2.

If all three support and are compatible with Airplay 2, you can pair them. For this to work, the TV and the speaker must be connected to the same Wi-Fi.

If all conditions are met:

  1. Pair both, the speaker and TV with the same Wi-Fi.
  2. Go to Settings > Audio and Video or Adjust Other Audio Settings (Apple TV).
  3. Press Audio Output.
  4. Choose Sonos as the audio output source.

The speaker must be in Wi-Fi mode for this to work. The LED light will have a white light when in Wi-Fi mode. Also, you will have to do this every time you turn the TV on.

This works for Sonos (source):

  1. All SYMFONISK speakers
  2. Amp
  3. Arc, Arc SL
  4. Beam, Beam (Gen 2)
  5. Five
  6. Move
  7. One, One SL
  8. Play:5 (Gen 2), Playbase
  9. Port
  10. Ray
  11. Roam, Roam SL

3. Use a HDMI Cable

You can use an HDMI cable to connect the Sonos Soundbar to an Apple TV.  The HDMI connection works for Sonos Beam, Playbar, Playbase, and Arc only. Also, your TV should support ARC HDMI for this to work.

To use it:

Put one end of the HDMI cable into the Sonos Soundbar and the other end into the ARC HDMI port.

If your TV doesn’t support Audio Return Channel (ARC), you can use an Optical-To-HDMI cable. Simply, put the Optical HDMI into one end of the HDMI (the one that will be plugged into the TV) and plug it into the ARC port.

Go to the Audio Output of your TV (not Apple Box) and choose the speaker (or HDMI) if it’s not already chosen. The Apple Box TV will use the same audio output that your TV has.

This works for Sonos:

  1. Beam
  2. Playbar
  3. Playbase
  4. Arc

4. Use Sonos Amp

Sonos Amp is a wireless streaming amplifier that connects to multiple speakers and allows you to control them all. It can pair together different speakers from different brands. It also works for speakers that need an amplifier to work.

The Sonos Amp is just one tool and you need multiple speakers for it to function. It’s also an expensive option, so only use it if you want to create a small home theater.

To use it:

Pair all the speakers with the amplifier first. There are different pairing methods you can use, choose different ones based on the model or brand.

After you pair the speakers with the amplifier, pair the Amp with the TV. To do this, you can use Bluetooth, Airplay 2, or HDMI. We recommend using an HDMI connection as it’s faster and better.

This works for:

  1. All types of speakers.

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