How To Fix Beats Headphones That Won’t Charge? (Easy Fixes!)

beats headphones won't charge

Beat headphones are high-quality with great sound output. But, sometimes they won’t charge. Why does this happen and how to fix it?

Beats headphones won’t charge if there’s a software or hardware problem. Software problems include old firmware versions or different bugs. Hardware problems include damaged power supply or broken lighting indicators.

To fix it, you must reset them, update to the latest version, or send them for repair.

How To Fix Beats Headphones That Won’t Charge?

To fix Beats headphones that won’t charge, do the following things.

1. Restart The Headphones

Restarting a device can remove/clear software glitches that are preventing it from charging. To restart headphones, press the power button once, wait for them to turn off, then press the power button again to power them up.

2. Do a Hard Reset

Software bugs or glitches can prevent the headphones from charging. To fix software bugs, restart or restore the headphones or upgrade their firmware version. A hard reset will restore the original factory settings, clear the internal memory, and remove software bugs or glitches.

To reset Beats Solo (3) Wireless, Solo Pro, and Studio 3, do the following.

  1. Press and hold the power and volume down (-) buttons for 10 seconds.
  2. Release the buttons once the LED light flashes.

To reset Beats Studio, Studio Wireless, and Solo 2 Wireless, do the following.

  1. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

3. Upgrade The Firmware Version

An outdated firmware version in headphones can affect performance and functionality and cause software bugs or glitches, which can prevent them from charging. It’s recommended to upgrade the firmware to the latest version for several reasons, such as bug fixes and stability improvements, new features and functionality, improved audio performance, and better performance.

Beats headphones will automatically upgrade their firmware version once you connect them to an Apple product (iPhone, iPad, iPod) as long as they have the latest iOS installed.

To upgrade Beats headphones with an Android phone, do the following.

  1. Open Google Play Store and download the Beats App.
  2. Pair both devices.
  3. Open the Beats app and check if there’s a firmware update available.
  4. If there is, follow the instructions.

4. Change your Charger

A bad, faulty, or a charger that doesn’t have the recommended power output won’t charge Beats headphones. To know if the charger is faulty, replace the USB-C charger and wall charger.

The charger was faulty if the headphones start charging with the new charger. If the headphones won’t charge even after you replace the charger, the headphones are faulty.

5. Check the Indicator Lights

The battery indicator LED lights will power up once you connect the headphones to a charger. However, if the indicator lights are faulty, they won’t power up. This means the headphones are charging, just the LED lights aren’t powering up.

Charge the headphones for 2-3 hours and try powering them up, just to make sure. The battery indicator lights are faulty if the headphones work normally after you charge them for 2-3 hours.

6. Clean The Charging Ports

The Beats headphones won’t charge if the charging ports are filled with dust, dirt, or debris. The presence of dirt or debris in the charging port can prevent the charging cable from making proper contact with the charging pins. This can result in poor or no charging at all.

Dust or dirt can accumulate in the charging port, if you use the headphones outdoors. It’s recommended to clean the headphones regularly, especially after using them outdoors.

To clean the charging port, dampen a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and use it inside the port. Move the swab around until most of the dust is removed. Wait for the port to dry before using it again.

7. Replace the Faulty Hardware

A faulty internal hardware will prevent the Beats headphones from charging. For instance, if the charging circuitry is faulty, it may fail to regulate the flow of electricity from the charging source to the battery, resulting in a non-functional charging process.

An internal hardware part will get damaged if you expose the headphones to high temperatures, physically damage them, or improperly store them.

To replace the faulty hardware, send the headphones to an authorized local shop and they will find and replace it. Don’t try to replace hardware parts yourself as you will do more harm than good.

8. Faulty Battery

An old or faulty battery will prevent headphones from accepting charge. Beats headphones use lithium-ion batteries that have a certain number of charging cycles, 300-500.

The performance of lithium-ion batteries will gradually decrease once they complete the charging cycles. A (1) charging cycle is completed when the battery goes from full to empty (100-0) and you charge it back to full (0-100).

The battery can also get damaged if the headphones are exposed to high temperatures, if you use them while being charged, or if you physically damage them.

To replace a faulty battery, send the headphones to a local repair shop.

9. Contact Their Support

If nothing works, contact Beats support or Apple Care + and explain the issue to them. If the warranty is still available, use it to get a new pair or a free repair.

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