How To Make Headphones Louder? (Phone & PC)

How to make headphones louder

To make headphones louder, use a sound-boosting application, clean them, enable noise cancelation, disable absolute volume, or adjust the equalizer settings.

To adjust the volume on one side of the headphones only, use the sound balance feature on your PC.

How To Make Headphones Louder?

To make headphones louder, do the following things.

1. Use a Sound Boosting App

Sound boosting applications are software designed to enhance or amplify the audio output of the headphones. They offer different settings and features to customize the sound and make it louder.

There are lots of sound-boosting apps available to choose from but you’ll need to install one that is compatible with your smart device (Smartphone or Computer).

On your Android phone, go to Google PlayStore and search for sound-boosting apps. On your iOS device, go to the AppStore, and on your PC, go to the Microsoft Store.

Tip: Ensure to download the sound booster that has the highest rating. These apps have been tested and tried by other users and that’s why they have good ratings.

2. Clean The Headphones

Dirt, dust, debris, and ear wax will clog the headphones and block the sound waves it produces, leading to a reduced volume. Many headphones have small vents for proper airflow and sound projection. If these vents get clogged with dust, it can restrict the airflow and reduce the volume.

It’s recommended to clean the headphones regularly, especially after using them outdoors. To clean them, use a cotton swab or Q-tip and alcohol. Ensure the headset is disconnected and turned off before cleaning.

Pro Tip: Don’t jam sharp objects in your headphones to remove dirt as you can puncture them.

3. Enable Noise Cancellation

Noise-canceling refers to a feature that is designed to reduce or eliminate unwanted external sounds, referred to as “noise,” when listening to audio through headphones. Since the noise-canceling feature reduces the external noise, the sound or music you are listening will become clearer and louder.

So, the noise-canceling feature doesn’t directly increase the volume of the headphones, but it makes the sound clearer and eliminates noises or unwanted sounds. It’s recommended to activate this feature when using headphones outdoors.

4. Increase The Volume

Did you know that some Bluetooth headphones have a built-in sound amplifier that can impact the sound volume? Such headphones have their volume asides from the volume on your phone or PC.

So, if you have turned up your device’s volume to the highest, you can still turn up the headphone volume too. Turn it to the highest and see if this helps.

How To Make Headphones Louder On Your Phone?

To make headphones louder on your phone, do the following.

1. Disable Absolute Volume

Absolute Volume is a feature that allows volume control synchronization between a Bluetooth audio source (such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer) and a Bluetooth audio output device (such as headphones). In simple words, you can control the volume on both devices (phone and headphones) using the volume buttons of the phone.

Unfortunately, some Bluetooth headphones aren’t optimized for Absolute Volume. This leads to a low volume and audio quality when using these headphones with a device that supports this feature. To fix this, disable the Absolute Volume feature in your phone and increase the volume on both devices separately.

To disable Absolute Volume on Android, do the following things.

  1. Go to Settings on your phone and scroll down to System Settings or About Phone.
  2. Click on Developer Options. You’ll see a pop-up menu displayed.
  3. Find and tap Absolute Volume. Disable it.

2. Try Different Music Applications

Many smartphone music applications have built-in volume limiters to ensure that the maximum volume output does not exceed certain predefined levels.

Use a different application and check if the headphone’s audio output gets louder.

3. Adjust The Equalizer Settings

An equalizer is a tool that allows you to modify the balance and distribution of audio frequencies, enabling you to adjust the sound output for specific types of audio content. Equalizer settings, often referred to as EQ settings, are adjustments made to the equalizer of an audio device.

The sound output of the headphones will get quieter (or louder) if you adjust the EQ settings of your Android phone. So, if you have adjusted the EQ settings lately, it’s recommended to restore the default settings.

To find and adjust the Equalizer Settings in your Android phone, do the following.

  1. Open your phone and go to Settings.
  2. Under settings, click on Audio or Sound then check the menu for Equalizer or EQ.
  3. Toggle the equalizer settings and see if the sound changes.

Tip: When changing the equalizer settings, ensure your device is connected and on the loudest volume.

4. Use The Sound Settings On The Music Player

Many sound applications have their own sound settings that allow you to adjust the volume of the headphones. Check the sound settings of the music application you are using, and increase the audio quality or volume.

To access the Sound Quality Settings on Spotify, do the following.

  1. Open Spotify and click the Downward Arrow in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Settings and go to Audio Quality.
  3. You should see the Streaming Quality. Click on it and select the highest quality.

Tip: You should know that the high-quality streaming option on Spotify is available to paid subscribers.

How To Make Headphones Louder On Your PC?

To make headphones louder on your PC, do the following.

1. Adjust the Volume On Windows PC

On your Windows PC, click the Volume Settings (Speaker icon located at the bottom right) and slide the volume bar to the highest.

You can also use the Volume Up or Down keys on your keyboard to adjust the volume. If the volume bar is already at the highest, try the next method.

2. Use Sound Booster Software

Sound boosters are software designed to enhance or amplify the audio output of your computer or headphones. These softwares aim to boost the volume, improve sound quality, or provide additional features for audio customization.

Go to the Microsoft Store or Appstore (for Mac) and search for “Sound Booster” and download one of the softwares.

3. Charge The Headphones

A low battery will decrease the performance of the headphones and decrease the sound output volume. A low battery often means reduced power available to drive the audio components, including the amplifier and speakers. Also, many headphones have power-saving features that will reduce the performance of the audio system,

The headphones will release a pre-recorded sound saying “Low battery, please charge” or their battery indicator light will blink a red color when the battery is low. Simply connect the headphones to their charger and charge for 2-3 hours (check the manual for the exact time).

4. Replace Faulty Hardware

The volume of the headphones will be quieter if one of the internal hardware parts is faulty. The internal hardware parts that can affect the volume output are the drivers, amplifiers, impedance, cables and connectors, and ear cups and seals.

To replace or fix a faulty hardware part, send the headphones to an authorized repair shop and they will do it for you. Don’t try to replace the hardware part by yourself as you can damage the headphones.

Final Tip: It’s advised not to raise the volume of your headphones above 85 decibels, especially when using them for extended periods, usually over 8 hours.

How To Adjust Volume On One Side of Headphones?

Due to personal reasons or hearing problems, you may want to increase your headphone’s sound on one side only. This is possible using the Sound Balance feature on your Windows PC. The feature allows you to choose what side you want more sound.

Here is a detailed guide for PC:

  1. On your Windows PC, go to Settings and go to Sound Settings.
  2. Under Sound Settings, navigate to the Playback Tab.
  3. Under the Playback Tab, you’ll see a list of audio devices. Double-click on the headphones and go to the Levels Tab.
  4. Find and click on the Balance option under the levels tab. Then adjust the sound balance to the side you want louder.


  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual.
  3. Find the Balance slider and adjust it.


  1. Unlock your phone and go to Settings.
  2. Find and press Accessibility.
  3. Press AudioAudio Adjustment.
  4. Move the slider to the right or left.

Tips: When adjusting the sound output, ensure the volume is at 100%.

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