Why Are Bluetooth Headphones Blinking? (Red, Blue, White)

Bluetooth headphones blinking

Bluetooth headphones have eliminated wires and the need to be close to the other device. But, their indicator lights can be confusing. Why do they blink?

If the Bluetooth headphones start to blink it can mean different things. Most of the time, it means the battery is low or the device is in pairing mode. To fix it, you must charge them or pair them with another device.

The indicator lights are different for each brand. It’s best to check the user manual of your headphones to know for sure. However, here are the default indicator light meaning that most brands use:

Why Are Bluetooth Headphones Flashing Blue?

Your headphones will start to flash a blue light if they have entered pairing mode. The pairing mode is when the headphones aren’t paired with another device and are discoverable. This means they are ready to get paired with another Bluetooth device and start playing music.

Most headphones enter pairing mode automatically once they turn on. However, some other brands require you to press the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds.

The pairing mode lasts between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. After 2 minutes have passed, they will exit pairing mode and you will have to turn them off/on or press the Bluetooth button again if you want to pair them.

The headphones will also start to flash a blue light if they get disconnected while playing music. For instance, if the other device (your phone) gets in a larger distance than 30 feet (10 meters) from the headphones, the Bluetooth connection will be disabled and the headphones will enter pairing mode and start to flash a blue light.

Why Are Bluetooth Headphones Blinking Red?

If your headphones are flashing red light, it means the battery is low. This usually indicates that they have a few minutes left before turning off soon due to low battery. It’s recommended to charge them immediately once they start to flash red.

Most Bluetooth headphones use Lithium-ion batteries, and these types of batteries will get damaged if you keep using the device in low battery mode.

Depending on the brand, the blinking speed can also determine the battery level. For instance, if they are blinking a red light slowly it means the battery is at a medium level (25-35%) and you have a few hours until it turns off. If the light indicators are blinking red fast, it means the battery is low (5-20%) and will turn off soon.

Other Lights

Depending on the brand and model, other lights can also have the same meaning as blue/red. For instance, some headphones brands (or models) will flash an amber light if the battery is low.

Some other models will flash a green light if they are connected (paired) with another device or if they have a full battery. It’s best to check the manual and search for LED Behavior as it lets you know exactly what the lights mean.

If they are flashing a light that you haven’t seen before, it means there’s a software or hardware problem. A software problem (bug) usually happens if you don’t have the latest firmware version installed or if you have changed any default settings. This can usually be fixed with a hard reset.

A hardware problem usually happens if you dropped them, used a bad charger, or placed weight over them. To fix it, send them back for repair.

Why Do Bluetooth Headphones Have a Steady Light?

If the headphones have a steady red light, it means they are being charged. This means the charger is working and you must let them charge for a few hours (usually 2-3) before re-using them. It’s not recommended to use them while charging them as it can damage the battery.

If the indicator light has a steady blue light it means the headphones are connected (paired) with another device. This light usually turns off after a few minutes, but it will stay turned on for the whole time in some models.

The steady blue light is helpful if you want to pair a new device with them. This is because it lets you know that the headphones are already paired and you must disconnect them before pairing them with the new device.

A steady white light means the headphones are turned on, have a high level of battery (80-100%), and are working properly.

How To Fix (Disable) Flashing Headphones?

Unless there’s a problem with the headphones that you can fix, most brands won’t allow you to disable the indicator lights. The indicator LED light helps the user know if the device has a problem, has a low battery, or if it’s paired or not.

So, most headphones don’t have a function that allows you to disable them. But some do:

1. Disable Them

Before you fix this issue, check the user manual to see if the lighting indicators can be disabled. Most headphone brands don’t allow you to disable them, but some do.

For instance, Sennheiser allows you to disable it on some models:

  1. Turn the headphones off.
  2. Press the Volume down (-)  button for a few seconds.
  3. Turn them on again.

2. Hard Reset

Bluetooth headphones can also flash a light if they have a software bug or hardware problem. While you can’t fix the hardware problem, you can fix the software bugs by resetting them.

A hard reset will remove any previously chosen modes/settings and return the headphones to their default mode. This will erase any bugs or problems the software may have.

Different brands have different resetting processes. But, it usually induces holding the power button for a few seconds. It’s best to check the user manual or search online for it.

After a hard reset, all the known devices will be removed from the Bluetooth list. So, you must manually re-pair them as they won’t automatically pair.

3. Charge Them

If they are blinking a red color, it means the battery is low. To fix it, you must charge the headphones for 2-4 hours before using them. You shouldn’t use them with a low battery as it can damage them.

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