How To Update a JBL Speaker Firmware Version? (Easy!)

Your JBL speaker should have the latest version to work properly. So, how to update the JBL Speaker firmware version? Here are 6 steps on how to do it.

If the JBL speaker has an old firmware version, it may experience performance issues, compatibility problems, and missing features. So, how to update a JBL Speaker firmware version?

To update a JBL Speaker firmware version, download the “JBL Portable” application on your iPhone or Android, connect the speaker with your phone (via Bluetooth), open the application, and press “Download”, wait until the application downloads and installs the new firmware version.

Why Should You Update The JBL Speakers Firmware?

You should update the JBL Speakers firmware for the following reasons.

  1. Bug Fixes and Stability. Old firmware versions often have software bugs or glitches that prevent the speaker from working properly. Upgrading the firmware can fix software glitches, connectivity issues, or other performance-related problems.
  2. Enhanced Features and Functionality. Firmware updates can introduce new features or functionality to your JBL speaker. Manufacturers may add additional audio settings or connectivity options through firmware updates.
  3. Security Enhancements. Firmware updates can include security patches and enhancements to protect your JBL speaker from potential vulnerabilities.
  4. Compatibility. By upgrading the firmware, you ensure that your JBL speaker remains compatible with the latest audio codecs, and wireless protocols. For instance, you can upgrade JBL Charge 3 to the latest version and the speaker will be compatible with JBL Connect+ pairing features instead of JBL Connect.

How To Update JBL Speakers Firmware Version?

To update the JBL Speakers firmware version, use the JBL Portable application on your iPhone or Android.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

1. Download The Application

Download the “JBL Portable” application on your phone (iOS & Android).

For iPhones: Click the “App Store” icon on your homepage, click “Search” and then type “JBL Portable”. Click the first app that shows up and download it. The application will be on your homepage within a few minutes.

For Android phones: Click the “Google Play” icon on your homepage, search for “JBL Portable” and download the app.

2. Connect The Speaker With your Phone

Put the JBL Speaker into pairing mode (by pressing the Bluetooth button once), activate Bluetooth in your Phone, find “JBL Speaker” in the Bluetooth list, click it, and connect to the speaker.

3. Open The JBL Portable Application

After the speaker is connected to your phone, open the “JBL Portable” and wait for the application to scan and find the speaker connected to your phone. Once it finds it, you will be asked to allow permission to connect with the speaker. Press “Allow” if you want to continue with the process.

On the application page, it will show the JBL Speaker name (or model) and its firmware version.

4. Install The New Version

If you have the latest firmware version you will see a “Software is up to date” text on the application homepage. A “Software Update Available” text will show on the application homepage if you don’t have the latest firmware version installed. Sometimes, you must wait a few seconds until the text shows up.

To upgrade the firmware version of your JBL Speaker, press “Download” next to the “Software Update Available” text on the “JBL Portable” application homepage. There are two phases of installing a new firmware version, the “Transferring” and “Updating” phases.

The transferring phase takes longer to complete (approximately 30 minutes). Once the application transfers all the data it needs for the update, the update phase will start.

The update phase is shorter (approximately 6-10 minutes) and the speaker will turn off and on (restart) multiple times during this phase. Don’t turn off the speaker manually and keep it close to the phone during the update.

Once the firmware version of the JBL speaker is updated, an “Update Successful” message will appear on the application. Press the “Let’s Party” button and enjoy your speaker.

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