How To Fix JBL Flip 5 That Won’t Connect or Keeps Disconnecting?

Here are 6 methods on how to fix a JBL Flip 5 speaker that won't connect, or that disconnects after a while.

JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth speaker won’t connect or will keep disconnecting from devices if it has a low battery, old firmware version, or faulty hardware parts.

To fix JBL Flip 5 that won’t connect, hard reset it, avoid Bluetooth interference, disconnect it from paired devices, try pairing it to another device, or send it for repair (if it has a faulty hardware part).

To fix JBL Flip 5 that keeps disconnecting at random, charge its battery (fully), upgrade it to the latest firmware version, or move it closer to the source device.

How To Fix JBL Flip 5 That Won’t Connect?

To fix JBL Flip 5 that won’t connect, do the following things.

Fix #1: Hard Reset The JBL Flip 5

A hard reset will restore the original factory settings of a device and will remove internal memory, and previously connected devices, and fix any software bugs or issues. If the JBL Flip 5 isn’t connecting because of a software bug or error, a hard reset will fix it.

To reset a JBL Flip 5, do the following things.

  • Press the power button to power up the speaker.
  • Press and hold the Play and the Volume Up (+) buttons at the same time.
  • Release the buttons once the speaker turns off.
  • Power up the speaker again.
  • You have successfully reset the speaker.

After a hard reset, the speaker won’t automatically connect to nearby known devices, you must manually re-connect it.

Fix #2: Avoid Bluetooth Interfere

Bluetooth interference refers to the disruption of Bluetooth signals caused by external factors or other devices operating in the same frequency range (2.4 GHz). Bluetooth interference can prevent JBL Flip 5 speaker from pairing (or connecting) to other Bluetooth devices by disrupting the communication between them or causing the pairing process to fail.

To avoid Bluetooth interference, do the following things.

  1. Move the speaker into a place where there are no nearby Bluetooth devices.
  2. Move the speaker away from building materials that act as a barrier. Brick, metal, concrete, etc.
  3. Don’t use the speaker near microwaves, fluorescent lights, or Wi-Fi modems.
  4. Move the speaker closer to the device you want to connect.

Fix #3: Disconnect From Known Devices

JBL Flip 5 automatically pairs or connects to nearby known Bluetooth devices. The speaker cannot pair with two devices simultaneously as it only supports a single Bluetooth connection at a time. So, if the speaker is already connected or paired to another device, it won’t connect to a new device unless you disconnect it first.

To know if the speaker is already connected with a device check the power button light. The power button will have a flashing blue light when in pairing mode (not connected) and a steady blue light when its connected to a device.

To disconnect JBL Flip 5 with a device, turn off the Bluetooth in the device, turn off the device, move the speaker away from the device, or reset the speaker. Once disconnected, try connecting the speaker with the preferred device.

Fix #4: Try a New Device

For two devices to pair (connect), both devices must work properly. The JBL Flip 5 could be working properly, but if the other device isn’t then they won’t pair.

Connect your speaker with another device. If the speaker pairs with other devices, but not your main one, then it’s not the speaker’s fault. The device you are trying to pair the speaker with is faulty. If the speaker won’t pair with other devices as well, then it’s the speaker’s fault.

Fix #5: Send It For Repair

The JBL Flip 5 won’t pair with other devices if it has a faulty hardware part (e.g. faulty built-in Bluetooth antenna). An internal hardware part will get damaged if you store the speaker improperly, expose it to high temperatures, or drop it from a high distance.

Contact the JBL support and follow their instructions if you have an active warranty. If you don’t have an active warranty, send the speaker to a local electronic repair shop and they will check and fix it for you.

You shouldn’t try to fix a hardware problem by yourself as you can do more harm than good.

How To Fix JBL Flip 5 That Keeps Disconnecting?

If the speaker is connecting, but disconnecting after a while then it could be a battery problem, a Bluetooth problem, or a firmware version problem. Here’s how to fix it:

Fix #1: Charge Your Speaker

JBL Flip 5 speaker will keep disconnecting (and turning off) if it has a low battery. Check the battery light indicator (narrow white light next to the charging port) to know the battery percentage of the speaker. To power up the battery indicator, press any of the buttons once.

The battery is full if the JBL Flip 5 battery indicator is fully filled with white color. The less filled the battery indicator is the less battery the speaker has left. For example, if the battery indicator is half-filled with a white color, the battery is 50%. If the battery indicator has a short white light, the battery is low and you must charge it.

Fix #2: Upgrade To The Latest Firmware Version

The speaker will disconnect at random and won’t work properly if you have an outdated JBL firmware version. Older versions can contain software bugs or glitches that will affect the speaker’s performance, stability, connectivity, and user experience.  You must always upgrade JBL speakers to their latest version.

To upgrade the firmware version of the JBL Flip 5, do the following things.

  1. Download the JBL Portable application. You can find it on AppStore or Google Play Store.
  2. Once you download the app, connect the speaker to your phone via Bluetooth.
  3. Next, open the “JBL Portable” application and wait until the app recognizes your speaker.
  4. If an update is available, you will see an “Update” button at the bottom of the page. Click it.
  5. The application will show you the version number of the update you can install in your speaker.
  6. Press “Upgrade” if you decide to upgrade the firmware to the shown version.
  7. The application will now upgrade your speaker.
  8. Once the upgrade is done, you will see an “Upgrade successful” message.
  9. You have successfully upgraded your speaker.

While updating the firmware version, don’t turn off or move the speaker. The speaker will automatically turn off/on while the update is downloading/installing.

If you don’t see an “Update” button on the application, it means your speaker has the latest firmware version installed.

Note: If the sound cuts off from the speaker for a few seconds and then plays the sound again normally, read this post.

Fix #3: Move Devices Closer (Bluetooth Range)

Bluetooth range refers to the maximum distance at which Bluetooth devices can establish and maintain a reliable connection. The Bluetooth range for JBL Flip 5 is approximately 30 feet (10 meters). If the distance between the speaker and the device is larger than 30 feet (10 meters), they won’t connect.

The Bluetooth range will become shorter if something interferes with the connection (Bluetooth interference), if one of the devices has a low battery, if there are physical objects (e.g. walls) between both devices, or if one of the devices has software issues.

The speaker and the source device must be within Bluetooth range even after they are paired. The devices will automatically un-pair if they aren’t at a close distance.

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