JBL Headphones Won’t Connect? (Here’s How To Fix it)

You can pair JBL headphones with any device that has Bluetooth. But, sometimes the JBL headphones won’t connect.

Don’t worry, we have included 5 different methods you can use to fix this.

Below you will find a troubleshooting list, and 5 step-by-step methods you use to fix this.

Troubleshooting List:

  • JBL headphones are already connected to another device.
  • The JBL headphones and the device should be at a close distance.
  • The battery of the headphones is low.
  • Software bug.
  • Something is blocking the Bluetooth connection.

How To Fix JBL Headphones That Won’t Connect?

1. Enter Pairing Mode

JBL headphones enter pairing mode automatically after turning on. However, if no device pairs with the headphones for a certain time, the JBL headphones exit pairing mode.

To know if the JBL Headphones are on pairing mode, check the light indicator (located next to the power button). The headphones are on pairing mode if the indicator has a flashing blue light. If the LED light is turned off, the headphones have exited pairing mode.

You must re-active pairing mode to allow new devices to pair to JBL headphones.

Here’s how to re-active pairing mode:

  1. If the JBL headphones are on, turn them off.
  2. Turn on the headphones again by pressing and holding the power button for 2 seconds.
  3. After the JBL headphones turn on they enter pairing mode automatically.

If your JBL headphones come with a Bluetooth button, you must press it to activate pairing mode.

2. Disconnect From Other Devices

As explained before, JBL headphones enter pairing mode automatically. When the JBL headphones are on pairing mode, they will automatically pair with the closest known device. A known device is a device you have paired with the JBL headphones.

Check the LED light to know if the JBL headphones are paired with a device. If the LED light has a steady blue light, the JBL headphones are connected.

If the JBL headphones are already paired, you can’t connect another device with them. JBL headphones don’t allow more than 1 connection. To connect a new device with JBL headphones, you must first un-pair the already paired device.

There are different methods you can un-pair a device:

  1. Move the paired device away from the JBL headphones.
  2. Turn off the Bluetooth on the paired device (e.g your iPhone).
  3. Press “Forget This Device” on your iPhone settings.
  4. Reset the JBL headphones.

After you move out of the Bluetooth range, turn off/on the headphones. Now, the headphones will connect to your new device.

3. Reset JBL Headphones

A hard reset will return JBL headphones to their default mode and fix most software problems. Also, it wipes off any data or mode you have saved before.

Each model of the JBL headphones has a different process for reset. However, here’s the process to reset most of the JBL headphones:

  1. Turn off the headphones by pressing the power button. The headphones will release a short sound to confirm that they are off.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up (+) and down (-) for 20 seconds.

Once you reset the JBL headphones, you must manually re-pair them with known devices. That’s because a hard reset will remove any data from the connected devices.

4. Move Closer To The Device

For two Bluetooth devices to connect, they must be close to each other. If they are not, they won’t pair. So, place the headphones and the device you want to connect close to each other.

The Bluetooth has a pairing range of 10 meters (30 feet). But, sometimes, even if you are 8-9 meters away, it won’t connect. So, ensure to be within 7 meters of the Bluetooth device.

If the JBL headphones show on the Bluetooth list, but won’t connect, it means the Bluetooth signal is weak and you must bring the devices closer.

5. Avoid Bluetooth Interfere

Bluetooth interference will stop two Bluetooth devices from connecting, Bluetooth interference happens when something blocks the signal of the Bluetooth.

If something interferes with the Bluetooth of the JBL headphones or the other device, the two devices won’t pair. Even if they do, the connection will weaken and the sound will cut off.

To avoid Bluetooth interference:

  • Keep JBL headphones away from a microwave and Wi-Fi modems.
  • Avoid having a barrier between headphones and the device. A barrier can be a wall, brick, or concrete.
  • Move the JBL headphones away from other devices using Bluetooth.

Bluetooth interference also happens if a few devices are using the same frequency. So, if 3-4 nearby devices use Bluetooth, move the headphones away until you connect.

How To Fix JBL Headphones That Don’t Show on The Bluetooth List?

The main reason JBL headphones won’t appear on the Bluetooth list is the distance. The headphones and the device must be within 10 meters.

Also, if the JBL headphones are already paired with another device, their name won’t show on the Bluetooth list.

To fix this:

  1. Move both devices (headphones and your phone) close.
  2. Power off/on the JBL headphones and try again.
  3. Turn off/on the Bluetooth in your device, and try again.
  4. Reset your JBL headphones.
  5. Turn your phone off/on.

Sometimes, JBL headphones won’t show on the Bluetooth list because of a software bug. In most cases, turning off/on the JBL headphones fixes the problem. However, if nothing works, you must reset the headphones.

How To Fix JBL Headphones Audio Cuts Off?

The main reason for audio cut-offs on Bluetooth headphones is the Bluetooth distance. The headphones and the device must be within 10 meters, even after they are paired. If the sound cuts off and comes back, you move in and out of the Bluetooth range. To fix this, keep the paired device near the JBL headphones.

The sound on JBL headphones will cut off if another device attempts to pair with the headphones. This can interfere with the Bluetooth connection and stop the sound.

Other reasons include; sound compressing problems and faulty Bluetooth connection.

Also, if your phone has a problem, the sound can cut off the JBL headphones. For instance, if you use low-speed wi-fi to listen to music, the music will stop to buffer. Or, the music application can have problems that make the music stop. To fix this, try different apps/wifi connections.

How To Fix JBL Headphones That Connect But Have No Sound?

If the JBL headphones are paired with your device, but no sound is playing, you must change the audio output. Go to the audio settings of your device, and choose JBL headphones as the main audio output.

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