JBL Headphones Won’t Charge? (7 Fixes)

If your JBL headphones aren't charging, don't worry. Here are 7 troubleshooting tips you can use. 

JBL headphones have a lithium-ion polymer battery that offers up to 50 hours of playtime. But, sometimes the battery won’t charge. So, how to fix it?

If the JBL headphones won’t charge, you must change the wall charger, USB charger, or reset the headphones. The charging ports can also be faulty. 

There are a lot of ways you can fix this problem. We have included 7 different fixes that you can use. Check them out.

How To Know if JBL Headphones are Charging?

To know if the JBL headphones are charging, check the charging light indicator. The charging light indicator is located near the power button.

First, connect the charger with the headphones. If the charging indicator lights up, the JBL headphones are charging. If the charging light indicator doesn’t light up, the JBL headphones aren’t charging (or they are fully charged).

After you connected the charger, the JBL headphones will release a short sound. Once the JBL headphones are fully charged, they will release another short sound.

If the JBL headphones are at a low battery, the charging light indicator will have a flashing white light.

How To Fix JBL Headphones That Won’t Charge?

There are countless reasons why your JBL headphones aren’t charging. However, we have included 7 troubleshooting steps for you to try and fix the problem. These methods will fix 90% of the JBL headphones.

1. Change The Wall Charger

To charge JBL headphones, you must connect the USB-C charger with a wall charger. But, if the wall charger is bad, the headphones won’t charge.

To fix this, use another wall charger and check if the headphones are charging. If they are, the wall charger is faulty and you must replace it.

To charge JBL headphones, the wall charger must supply at least 5V. If the wall charger supplies less than 5V it will charge the headphones slow or not at all.

Also, try a different power outlet. The wall charger might not work with one charging outlet, but it can work with another.

2. Change the USB-C Charging Cable

Except for the wall charger, the USB-C charging cable can be faulty too. New JBL headphones come with their own USB-C charging cable. But, if you had the headphones for a long time, the charger can stop working. If the charging cable is worn out, loose, or damaged, you must replace it.

To fix this, change the wall charger and the USB-C charging cable and check if the headphones are charging. You can use an Android charger (USB-C) to charge JBL headphones. If the JBL headphones start to charge, the USB-C charging cable is faulty, and you must replace it.

However, you shouldn’t use a third-party charging cable for JBL headphones permanently. That’s because a third-party charging cable can damage the lithium battery of the headphones. So, if the charging cable is faulty, replace it with a new original JBL charging cable and not a third-party cable.

To know if the JBL headphones are charging, check the charging light indicator. If the charging light indicator of the JBL headphones turns on (after connecting the charger), the headphones are charging. If the charging indicator light is off, the headphones aren’t being charged (or the battery is full).

3. Clean The Charging Port

Over time, a lot of dust and filth accumulates inside the charging port. When you insert the charging cable into a dirty charging port, the dust prevents good electrical transfer, so no power goes into the battery.

The charging port must be clean to allow a good electrical transfer so the headphones can get charged.

To clean the JBL headphones charging port, use a small brush, toothpick, or an air cane. Using any of these tools, try to get as much dust out of the charging port as possible. However, you must be careful as you can damage the delicate parts of the charging port while cleaning it.

4. Reset JBL Headphones

If the JBL headphones won’t charge because of a software problem, resetting them will fix it. Each JBL headphone model has a different reset process.

But, here’s the general process to reset most JBL Headphones:

  1. Press and hold the power button (for 2 seconds) to turn the headphones OFF.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up (+) and Volume Down (-) at the same time. Hold the buttons for 20-30 seconds.
  3. Release the buttons once the headphones release a short sound.
  4. The JBL Headphones have been reset.

A hard reset will wipe off any custom settings you have saved for your JBL headphones before. You also must re-connect your headphones manually to your devices because a hard reset will remove the data of the previously connected devices.

5. Change the Power Source

Except using a wall charger, you can charge JBL headphones using a PC, laptop, or an extended power source. If the JBL headphones won’t charge, check if the power source you are using is working properly. Or, charge the power source.

To know if the power source is working, charge another device using the same power source. If the other device won’t charge, the power source is faulty. However, if the other device charges and the JBL headphones don’t, then the headphones are faulty.

Also, if you are charging JBL headphones using a PC, the computer should be turned on and not in hibernation (sleep) mode. Also, the battery of the laptop must be charged and not drained to charge the headphones.

Try using different power sources and check if the headphones start to charge.

6. Replace The Battery

JBL headphones come with a lithium-ion polymer battery (3.7V, 170 mAH).

Lithium-ion batteries will get damaged if:

  1. You use the headphones while the battery is charging.
  2. If you store the headphones in a hot temperature environment.
  3. If you drop the JBL Headphones.
  4. Overcharging a lithium battery can damage it.

Also, lithium batteries have a certain number of charging cycles. After the lithium battery completes its charging cycles (500), the battery will lose most of its charging capacity (up to 70%).

The more you use the headphones after this, the more charging capacity the battery loses. If you use the headphones enough, the battery will lose all of its charging capacity (100%) and won’t charge. Also, the JBL headphones won’t turn on if there’s no charging capacity left on the battery.

If the battery of the JBL headphones is faulty, you must replace it. To replace a battery, send the headphones to a local electric repair shop. Or, if you have a warranty, use it.

7. Hardware Problem

If you used all the fixes above, and none fixed your headphones, then you may have a hardware problem. A hardware problem can happen if you accidentally drop the headphones from a distance. Or, if you pulled the charging cable too fast and damaged the charging port. The JBL headphones can also come with a manufacturing defect.

Whatever the hardware problem is, you can’t fix it. You must send the headphones for repair to fix a hardware problem.

If the JBL headphones are still under warranty, contact JBL headphone support, or call their hotline at 1-(800) 336-4525.


The JBL Headphones are one of the most popular headphones in the market today. But, even great products have some problems.

If the JBL headphones won’t charge, change the wall and USB-C cable. Also, turn the headphones off and on multiple times, then try charging them. If nothing works, reset the headphones or send them for repair.

Also, sometimes, new JBL headphones can come with a manufacturing defect. If you still have a warranty, call JBL support and explain the issue to them. They will fix the problem for you.

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