JBL Headphones Won’t Turn On? (Here’s How To Fix)

JBL headphones are durable. But, sometimes the JBL headphones won’t turn on. Why does this happen?

JBL headphones won’t turn on if there’s a problem with the battery or if there’s a software bug. To fix it, you have to reset the headphones or press the power button repeatedly.

While these two are the most common reasons — there can be other reasons why your JBL headphones aren’t turning on. Down below we have listed 6 different methods to use to fix them.

How To Fix JBL Headphones That Won’t Turn On?

Here are 6 methods that you can use to force-start JBL headphones:

1. Check the Headset Power

JBL headphones won’t turn on if there’s a problem with the power supply. To know if the power supply is working, connect the headphones with their charger. If the charging indicator lights up, the power supply is working. This is good news.

If the charging indicator doesn’t light up, check the charging cable and the power outlet. Try different charging cables and power outlets. If the charging indicator lights up after changing the cable/power outlet, you should replace both.

If the charging light doesn’t turn on even after changing the charging cable/outlet, the power supply could be faulty. If that’s the case, you need to send the headphones for repair. But, don’t lose hope just yet. Try the methods below first (especially #3).

2. Fully Charge The Headphones

JBL headphones have lithium batteries — these batteries will drain themselves even if you don’t use the headphones.

So, If you haven’t used the headphones for a while, the battery may have just drained. To fix this, you have to fully charge the JBL headphones first, then turn them on.

Charging the JBL headphones takes 2 hours. When connected to a power source, the charging light indicator will turn on. Once the battery is full, the charging light will turn on. After you fully charge the JBL headphones, press the power button one time to turn them on.

3. Reset The Headphones

The best way to fix JBL headphones software problems is by resetting them. Since the headphones are turned off, resetting will force-start the headphones.

Here’s how you can reset JBL headphones:

  • Press and hold the Volume Up (+) and Volume Down () buttons at the same time.
  • Hold the buttons for 15 seconds.
  • Release the buttons after 15 seconds, and press the power button one time.
  • The JBL headphones should turn on.

If the JBL headphones won’t turn on, increase the time you keep the buttons pressed. Press and hold the Volume + and Volume – buttons for 1 minute now. Release the buttons after 1 minute, and press the power button once.

If that doesn’t work, keep the buttons pressed for 5 minutes, and then press the power button. This will force the JBL headphones to turn on.

Another great way to force-start JBL headphones is to press the volume (+,-) buttons 5 times repeatedly, then press and hold the power button.

4. Press and Hold The Power Button

Pressing and holding the power button can fix JBL headphones that won’t turn on. Here’s how to do it:

  • Press the switch near the power button 4-5 times repeatedly. (You can skip this step if your headphones don’t have a switch button).
  • Press and hold the power button for 50-60 seconds.
  • While holding the power button, connect the JBL headphones with a charger. The charger should be connected to a power outlet.
  • The charging indicator of the JBL headphones will turn on.
  • Charge the headphones for a few minutes, then try to turn them on.

This will most likely fix the problem.

5. Broken Button

The JBL headphones could be working fine, but if the power button is broken, you can’t turn the headphones on.

Press the power button, if the button moves easily, or if you notice that there’s nothing under the button, the switch may have moved away. The switch should be under the power button.

To fix this, open the ear padding (on the side of the buttons) and check for the power button switch (located under the power button). If the switch has moved away from the button, move the switch back under the button and re-assemble.

If the switch is under the power button, then it wasn’t the switch’s fault. Re-assemble the headphones carefully and move to the next step.

6. Faulty Battery

JBL headphones won’t turn on if the battery is faulty. The JBL headphones come with lithium polymer batteries — these batteries come with a certain number of charging cycles (500).

When the battery completes its charging cycles, it will lose some of its charging capacity. The more you charge the headphones after that, the more charging capacity the headphones lose. After a while, the headphones won’t even turn on.

The battery can get faulty for different reasons too — using the headphones while charging or dropping the headphones can damage the battery.

To know if the battery is faulty, charge the headphones — if the charging light turns on, it means the headphones are getting charged. If the charging light doesn’t turn on, the battery may be faulty. You have to replace the battery if that’s the case.


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